Compassionate Children’s Dentistry

The first thing children learn about their dental health should be how to properly brush and floss their teeth at home, but children also need routine dental care just as their parents do. By the age of three, children should begin a schedule of checkups and cleanings, which will allow Dr. George and our caring, kid-friendly team to keep a close eye on the development of your child’s smile.

What to Expect

The main purpose of the visits is to ensure your child is practicing good hygiene, and to ensure that cavities, tooth misalignment, or other issues don’t threaten your child’s smile. If a problem is discovered, we’ll work closely with you and your child to explain the condition and the benefits of your child’s various treatment options.

By helping children grow accustomed to visiting the dentist, you can prepare them for a lifetime of beautiful, healthy smiles, and help them avoid more serious dental conditions as adults.