Comprehensive Orthodontic Correction

Comprehensive orthodontics is a coordinated approach to improving your bite’s function and your smile’s appearance. Though the approach is often most beneficial for children and young teens, it can also prove highly beneficial for adult patients with tooth, jaw, and/or bite misalignment. Instead of just braces or ClearCorrect® aligners, comprehensive orthodontic correction might also include other restorative procedures, such as tooth extraction and replacement, depending on the severity of your bite misalignment.

What to Expect

During your consultation and examination, Dr. George will carefully inspect all aspects of your bite, including the alignment of your teeth, jawbone, jaw joints (TMJs), and more. If braces or ClearCorrect® won’t suffice to realign your bite, then you might require a comprehensive orthodontic treatment plan. Dr. George will work closely with you to explain your unique situation and treatment options, and how your treatment plan will improve your bite and overall quality of life.