Custom-Made Dental Bridges

Humans have always understood the need to replace lost teeth, and dental bridges are among the oldest forms of our attempts to do so. Today, advanced dental bridges can be custom-designed to address each patient’s unique needs, whether you’ve lost a tooth or a couple of teeth adjacent to each other. Bridges are typically crafted from lifelike porcelain that closely mimics your tooth’s natural, healthy color and appearance.

What to Expect

Since tooth loss affects everyone differently, your dental bridge will be custom-designed using advanced digital equipment for optimal results. The bridge will be supported by a pair of lifelike dental crowns that are bonded to the healthy teeth next to the gap in your smile.

If you qualify, Dr. George may suggest supporting your bridgework on one or more dental implants. These are prosthetic posts that can be inserted into the jawbone to support your replacement teeth just as natural roots would.