We understand that everyone may not have access to affordable dental insurance. That’s why we made dental insurance affordable! For $94.00 per adult annually or $188 for a family (includes any dependent under the age of 18) Plano Dental Loft Affordable Dental Plan will be active for 1 year from the date signed.

**Cannot be combined with any other insurance or discount plan. Plan purchase price cannot be refunded once services have been rendered.

We will offer you approximately 30 to 60% off all dental procedures. Some examples are listed below:

Emergency Exam$61$0
Cleaning - Adult$88$66
Cleaning - Child$65$59
White Filling one surface anterior$150$119
White Filling two surface anterior$186$159
White Filling three surface anterior$225$189
White Filling four or more surfaces anterior$279$244
White Filling one surface posterior$165$123
White Filling two surface posterior$213$172
White Filling three surface posterior$262$222
White Filling four or more surfaces posterior$308$259
Gum Infection Therapy - Full Quads$242$189
Gum Infection Therapy 1 to 3 teeth$168$119
Periodontal Maintenance$135$89
Surgical Extraction$261$189
Bone Graft$607$350
Crown - Porcelain/Ceramic$1,138$790
Core Build Up$256$88
Root Canal - Anterior$705$495
Root Canal - Bicuspid$629$573
Root Canal - Molar$1,005$710
Dentures - Maxillary$1,531$950
Dentures - Mandibular$1,531$950
KOR Whitening$1,100$900
1 Hour Whitening$700$445
Night Guard$579$300
Short Term Orthodontics$3,800$3,200
Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment$6,000$4,000