New Smiles with Full Dentures

Even though modern dentistry has advanced significantly over the centuries, severe tooth loss is still a problem for many adults. Fortunately, even complete tooth loss can be effectively addressed with a custom, lifelike full denture. A full denture consists of an entire row of replacement teeth. It can be used to rebuild your upper or lower dental ridge when the ridge no longer has any functional, natural teeth remaining.

What to Expect

A full denture works best when it mimics your natural dentition, so a full denture is custom designed to fit comfortably and snugly along your dental ridge. The replacement teeth are secured along a comfortable, gum-colored plastic base and can restore your ability to bite, chew, and smile confidently after suffering severe tooth loss.

In many cases, Dr. George may suggest supporting a full denture on a series of dental implants, which offer the additional benefit of replacing your lost teeth roots for increased stability and longevity. Implants can help preserve the strength and integrity of your jawbone so that it doesn’t grow weak and lose density due to lack of stimulation from lost teeth roots.