Partial Dentures for Complex Tooth Loss

If you’ve lost more than one tooth and they’re not next to each other, then a dental bridge won’t be enough to replace them. Instead, Dr. George can design a partial denture that replaces lost teeth along your dental ridge while fitting comfortably around the teeth that remain. Like a dental bridge or full denture, a partial denture’s purpose is to restore your ability to bite properly while also restoring your smile’s health and beauty.

What to Expect

Every partial denture must be custom-designed to match each patient’s unique pattern of tooth loss. Our advanced digital imaging equipment allows Dr. George to custom-design your partial denture to fit your unique needs. The precise measurements can be used to hand-craft your prosthetic.

However, if you only retain a few teeth and they’re no longer viable due to severe damage or infection, then Dr. George may recommend extracting them and rebuilding your dental ridge with a full denture.