Comfortable Root Canal Therapy

Tooth decay, the most common chronic dental issue in the world, is a progressive disease. While it’s usually treated with a tooth-colored filling, more severe cases may require root canal therapy to stop the infection from spreading. Root canal therapy is necessary to remove bacteria and decay from the tooth’s pulp, which houses its soft tissues and is adjoined by the tooth’s root. It may also be the last chance at saving your tooth before internal decay becomes so severe that extraction is required.

What to Expect

Root canal therapy is more complex than a tooth filling since it involves accessing and sealing the tooth’s interior chamber and root canal. However, Dr. George can still typically perform the procedure during a single visit. With a combination of advanced dental equipment, local anesthesia, and dental sedation, treatment is even more comfortable than expected. For additional protection, he might also recommend placing a dental crown over the tooth after the root canal treatment has been performed.

Because tooth decay is progressive, the benefits of root canal therapy are time-sensitive. If you wait too long to receive treatment, then Dr. George may have to extract the tooth to stop the decay from spreading through the tooth’s root canal.