Cosmetic Touchups with Tooth Bonding

Sometimes, your tooth might need a little something extra to improve stubborn staining, a worn down surface, a chipped edge, a minor crack, or more. The more healthy tooth structure we can preserve, the better,. With tooth bonding, Dr. George can often improve the tooth without altering any tooth structure. Bonding uses tooth-colored composite resin to improve a variety of blemishes and restore your tooth’s healthy, blemish-free appearance.

What to Expect

Before placing the resin on your tooth, Dr. George will custom-tint it to closely match your tooth’s unique natural color. Then, he’ll place the resin on your tooth and shape it to your tooth’s ideal contour, ensuring a natural, almost seamless finish. After hardening the resin with a special light, your tooth will be like new and still retain its strong, healthy structure.

In many cases, tooth bonding can offer a faster, more conservative smile improvement option than other cosmetic treatments, such as porcelain veneers.