Cosmetic Touchups with Tooth Contouring

When a tooth has a jagged edge, one or more noticeably rough spots of enamel, or seems too large or slightly misshapen, Dr. George can often improve the tooth’s size, shape, and texture with cosmetic tooth contouring. Through strategic, minimally invasive alterations, tooth contouring brings out your tooth’s natural, unblemished beauty.

What to Expect

Because tooth contouring involves slight tooth alteration, Dr. George will anesthetize the tooth, and may recommend dental sedation to help you further relax and remain comfortable. During the procedure, Dr. George will carefully sculpt the tooth using advanced dental equipment and an experienced, artistic eye.

By slightly reshaping a tooth with contouring, you can enjoy a more symmetrical and cosmetically appealing smile without the need for more extensive procedures, such as covering the tooth with a porcelain veneer or dental crown.