Save Your Smile with Tooth Extraction

While restorative dentistry can effectively save your smile from most types of dental issues, there are instances when the best option is to completely remove a compromised tooth. For instance, when wisdom teeth grow at an angle and become impacted, or when a tooth becomes so severely infected or damaged that it can’t be saved, the tooth’s presence becomes a threat. Tooth extraction removes the threat to preserve your healthy smile and allow Dr. George to replace the tooth with a durable, lifelike prosthetic.

What to Expect

For optimal comfort, Dr. George will first administer local anesthesia to block sensation to your tooth and the surrounding area. If you prefer, we may also administer dental sedation to help you remain calm and relaxed throughout the procedure.

Except for impacted wisdom teeth, extracted teeth should typically be replaced to restore your bite’s balance and ability to function properly. Before your tooth extraction procedure, Dr. George will discuss options for replacing your tooth, including the benefits of a dental implant and crown.